Back in June, Ken and I were joined by our good friends Mikaela and Nick for a wild and crazy whirlwind few days in Barcelona. When we made the original plans, we had hoped to just meet up and spend a few days in Barcelona before Mikaela and Nick headed south for a friends wedding. Instead what happened was we booked our time in Barcelona the same weekend as one of the largest Electronic Music festivals in Europe – Sonar. With the headliner being Kraftwerk, one of the leading German Electronic music groups from the 70s, there was no question in our minds that we wouldn’t go. Rather – no question in Mikaela and Nick’s minds…Ken and I on the other hand were Electronic music virgins. That was about to change.


As always we booked a sweet little airbnb place centrally located to sites and the venues. But two days before Ken and I were supposed to fly to Spain, we received a notification that the water in the building was being turned off during the duration of our stay due to maintenance. What!?! Although airbnb assisted in trying to find us another accommodation, the options were slim due the Sonar festival. That is how we ended up sleeping in bunk beds at the Generator Hostel Barcelona for four nights. The location turned out to be perfect, and despite the fact that Ken and I had roommates for two of the nights we were there, the hostel was fine. Barcelona on the other hand was nuts.



It seems like the entire population of Barcelona was attending Sonar or off-Sonar events. We spent the first day walking around and ended up sitting in a park with a six-pack of beer and hundreds of kids waiting for an outdoor mid-day concert to begin. That kind of sums up the entire long weekend…walk a little, then listen to music. Eat a little, then listen to music. I think we spent more time awake and out at night then doing any actual city exploration.



Luckily we did find the time to sneak in La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s late 19th Century Cathedral slated for completion in the next fifty years. It’s an incredible piece of architecture. Gaudi, a Catalan architect, most active in the end of the 19th Century, created these massive fluid buildings that while full of movement, seem heavy and dense.







So Barcelona – we ate a little iberian ham, had tortilla, drank cocktails and beers, walked a little, laid on the beach a little and attended a super ridiculously fun electronic music festival.








I don’t have as many photos as other trips since I wasn’t about to bring my camera to late night parties, especially since I broke the flash on my bicycle tumble a year ago. I do feel like I need to go back and do a proper exploration of the city…but part of me also just wants to go back for Sonar 2014!!


  1. Carol wrote:

    the music festival sounds like fun.
    I think you need to update your plans beyond 13.
    onto the next adventure…..

  2. Jackie wrote:

    Beer, food, crazy music…and beach, sounds awesome! Impressive photos of the cathedral, looks
    like something out of Brazil. Perfect compliment to the Sonar experience.
    Keep reporting back, love the tours!
    Mom (NY:)

  3. Sarah wrote:

    Hi Rachel!

    I always love reading your adventures! Keep the updates coming!

    In one week I’ll be back in Hamburg and we defnitely need to catch up. Maybe sushi with Lana?

    Venetian regards!