Boston for the Bros

Back to the land of English, medium-rare hamburgers, endless arrays of beer and the Anscher family! Harry graduated from Boston College last Monday, and Sam had a moving up ceremony in Cape Cod on Tuesday which meant a perfect opportunity to see the entire family.

It’s my first time going to Boston as an adult able to really appreciate it’s charm and history. Boston truly is charming. It’s a city with many different neighborhoods that seem to correspond with their respective colleges and lines of public transportation; and Boston has a lot of universities! We spent one morning walking around Cambridge to see the Harvard campus, which was really lovely and full of pre- and post- Revolutionary War history.

Harry also took us to some absolutely delicious restaurants that served dishes I could never find in Hamburg. We went to an Oyster Bar, a Farm-to-Table restaurant, a Tex-Mex place and a great gastro-pub with local Massachusetts beers. As you can imagine, I miss the variety that we have in American food. Trying to explain to Europeans that American food isn’t McDonald’s, KFC and Taco Bell gets annoying after a while!

While the food and city were lovely, we were really there to celebrate in both Harry and Sam’s achievements so we spent a good amount of time just being with them and assisting in their transitions. Harry’s graduation was in Boston College’s football stadium and we got to watch all the different schools arrive with their banners. It was exciting to see Harry’s cute little face on the jumbo screen as he walked into the stadium. After his graduation ceremony, we spent our time on our hands and knees trying to clean his college apartment with a dust buster and Clorox wipes! I miss college! Luckily Sam’s transition was a lot easier, quicker and cleaner…I think we could all learn something about tidiness from Sam!

Although the weather didn’t allow for much time outdoors, the company was wonderful during our short trip to Boston. Mazel Tov Sam and Harry!

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  1. carol wrote:

    Congrates to both! I agree with getting tired of explaining to Europeans that America has more than just Mickey D’s, KFC etc. I blame it on the Boob Tube!