Copenhagen and a trip to NOMA!

We went to Copenhagen back in May with our dear friends from Atlanta, Lindsey and Kyle.



Our only plan was dinner at Noma… other than that, we had no ideas or expectations. We figured it would be a fast four hour train ride, and we’d be able to sit and plan with our little lonely planet guidebook. But upon arriving at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, twenty minutes before our train departure, we discovered that we’d actually be taking a bus – the train was broken. So our four hour train journey turned into a seven hour journey, four hours by bus to the border, a ferry to Denmark and then a regional train to Copenhagen. As someone who prefers to get to the destination, rather than the journey, I was pretty annoyed. By Lindsey had prepared a feast of snacks that kept me going between my naps, the ferry was pretty damn cool (the trains and the buses actually pull onto the ferry, you get out, and then return to the bus or train before arriving in Denmark) and finally we all made it to Copenhagen.



Little did we know that our time in Copenhagen would be one of stuffing our faces with really good food and drinking delicious, yet heavy, local beers. We spent most of the trip eating, and when we weren’t eating, we were navigating the small city by foot.


One of our food destinations was an indoor food market called Torvehallern. Inside, you could find fresh meat, fish and vegetable stands and also individual little restaurant stands. I had delicious Danish oatmeal at a little place called Grød, while Lindsey and Kyle went on the search for traditional Danish open faced sandwiches called Smørrebrød. We enjoyed the food so much at Torvehallern, we went back the following day to the gourmet Danish hotdog stand to get, well, hot dogs. Apparently, Danish hot dogs are THE street food in Copenhagen…ours didn’t disappoint.


We ventured to Copenhagen’s hippie enclave, Christiana, which was filled with kitsch, marijuana and vegan treats. Luckily it was a beautiful day, so the walk through the spring bushes and crazy graffiti was nice.


We took a day trip up to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The building, a traditional danish mid century modern split with wood paneled walls and ceilings, was in a lovely location on the ocean. Between the artwork and the scenery it made for an awesome day.



That evening we ventured to the meatpacking district to check out a bunch of up-and-coming restaurants all situated right next to each other. The meatpacking district wasn’t what any of us were expecting. Rather, it was a bunch of low metal buildings, more resembling an industrial fish market hall. We stuffed our faces at a BBQ joint called War Pigs. I felt a little bad asking our Texan guests for BBQ, but I hadn’t had anything like that since being in the USA…it was pretty amazing. I think Lindsey and Kyle were also pretty pleased.


The highlight of our trip was our 3 1/2 hour dinner at Noma, nominated as the world’s best restaurant a few years running. My only reason for originally wanting to go to  Copenhagen was to eat at Noma, which I had seen time and time again on various television programs. Noma is an experimental modern danish restaurant suited with a laboratory and fresh ideas. As soon as we knew that Lindsey and Kyle were also onboard, I got on the restaurants waiting list for a table. Almost 3 1/2 months later, I received an email confirmation from Noma informing me of a last minute cancellation – we were in! It was the Friday before our vacation, and my colleagues all stared at me as I, out of nowhere, starting screaming “NO FUCKING WAY” and proceeded to jump around the office like a child. Happy belated birthday to me 🙂


We arrived at 7:30pm on Tuesday evening and were greeted by the 10 different sous-chefs who’d all be presenting and plating our dishes that evening. I won’t describe all 17 of our dishes, but it was the most interesting, confusing, challenging, delicious and exciting meal I’ve ever eaten. Ken, Lindsey and Kyle shared wine while I indulged in the juice pairing.



Would I go back to Noma?…I don’t know, but was it an awesome and unforgettable experience?! Definitely!

We were only in Copenhagen for 3 1/2 days – so considering how fast a trip it was, I think we saw quite a lot, and really enjoyed eating danishes with our travel companions. Thanks Linds and Kyle for the fun trip, and thank you Copenhagen for giving us semi nice weather while we were in town.