EPDIC Young Scientist (of the world) Award

Well, I guess now the cat is out of the bag. Between my dad declaring me the best-young-scientist-of-the-world (ever), and DESY putting me on the front of their webpage, everyone seems to know that I won an award for the work I did during my PhD.

It is quite an honor for me to get this award, the European Diffraction Conference (EPDIC) was the first conference that I presented a scientific paper, and has always been somewhere that I gained a lot of inspiration and knowledge from. The bookends of the conference are always the distinguished scientist, and young scientist awards — which are picked by an international committee for their contributions to powder diffraction. They are always seen as beacons of the field, forward looking, and cutting edge … no pressure.

With my talk slated as the last of the conference, I was able to take some time in the first few days and catch up with some colleagues. It as refreshing to comeback to something familiar after in the past year being a new face, facing new tasks in the coherent diffraction community. The talks did not let down, and stirred up some buried ideas, but not forgotten. I can only hope that my talk was insightful and educational for those who stayed. And now, the pictures of the award.











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  1. carol wrote:

    And we are Proud Very Proud of how far you have come.
    You deserve it.