I know the Euro Cup is already over and that Germany lost (sadness), but I’ve been meaning to share our adventures amongst the cheering locals.

As a young couple trying to assimilate as much as possible to the local culture, Ken and I jumped at the opportunity to cheer on the German soccer team. Since we didn’t know where to go – do Germans go to the bar? Are there any other cultural rituals? – we decided to say yes to every Soccer-viewing invitation we received. In the end we went to an Italian wine bar, the St. Pauli public viewing, a DESY hosted BBQ, and a bar in the pouring rain.

I don’t think that a story will give as much justice as the photos and videos from our public viewing experience in St. Pauli…so enjoy!


As you see, it is a must to sport German colors. We wore German colored leis, sported some face paint and yelled along with the German cheers. “Schieß ein Tor (Shoot a Goal).” (Thank you for the edit Sarah 😉 !) It was a field of black, red, and yellow all jumping, singing, and yelling together! A little claustrophobic, a little smelly, but a lot of fun!



  1. Sarah wrote:

    Good blog entry, Rach! But at some point I laughed out loud: You say “Schieß ein Tor” not “Scheiß ein Tor because than you would say “Shit a goal” Just two jumbled letters but huuuge meaning difference, right? Haha! 😀

  2. Sarah wrote:

    Plus: I love the group picture! I’ll use it and some of the other pictures on my blog, yeah?! I’ll give you credit, of course. Keep the blog entries coming! I love reading them!

  3. Emma wrote:

    Dear rachel and Ken germany beat Nederland they were very good:)
    Papa and I enjoyed watching you enjoy the game.love Emma