Ko Samui, Thailand

To finish our three week journey in Thailand, we decided to spend our last few days on the beach in Ko Samui. We were warned by a few that it would be filled with sex tourism and foreigners and that everything was very expensive…we somehow managed to avoid all of that and found a bit of heaven on the bay.







We stayed on the east side of the island between Chaweng village and Lamai village, which was sortof in the middle of no where. We did check out the town one night, but after having a mediocre meal and then being followed by some lady boys, we decided to stay put in our bungalows at Lamai Bay View Resort.

I did nothing. I swam in the bay, got a lobster tan and slept. Ken caught up on reading and relaxing. It was utter bliss. We, as a couple, had ever been on a vacation where we literally did nothing. Generally we like to explore and walk and try and see, but the plan was to just sit and be.



Originally we were a little concerned that we’d be bored, but it turned out to be amazing, and it was lovely to just focus on the two of us.



Our stay in Ko Samui was a short one, we were only there for four nights and three full days. We flew back to Bangkok from one of the coolest outdoor airports ever, and waved goodbye to our three week vacation, which somehow managed to feel like three months and three days all at the same time.