May Day

While I sit here nursing a spring flu, I thought I would share our May Day adventures.

May Day, or European Labor Day, was Tuesday, May 1 which meant a day off from school and work, closed shops and supermarkets, and as weather permitted, a BBQ. Ken has a few American colleagues who were looking for a good excuse to make some BBQ chicken, hamburgers and s’mores, and we gladly participated.

The weather was so incredible that we decided to stroll around the Alster in the morning and soak up some vitamin D. The lake was littered with sailboats, kayaks and pedal boats and the paths were heavy with foot and bicycle traffic. We witnessed a few traditional German May Day traditions, such as a drinking game where a team has to finish a case of beer (which I think is about 20 or so beers) by the time they have finished circumnavigating the Alster. It looked like a fast way to get really drunk; the roars of laughter from the finish line were contagious. We also saw more ducks, geese and swans that I’ve ever seen in one outing. I think I was having more fun than the children watching the ducklings swim around.

PS: This is a German case of beer, complete with the plastic container.

Later that afternoon we attended the BBQ. With a little searching, and a lot of luck, our host managed to find hamburger buns, barbecue sauce and “American” marshmallows. Ken and I brought our usual potato, onion and zucchini combo for the grill and others brought chips, apple pie, a fruit platter and other yummy outside eats. We sat around the grill, had gorgonzola-stuffed burgers and finished our evening with giant marshmallow s’mores stuffed with chocolate, and in Ken’s case, fresh raspberries. Drinking home brewed mead and sitting in the sun was a welcome change. It also allowed me to meet some of Ken’s colleagues who truly seem to come from all parts of the world. I can’t wait to have more good weather.


  1. Aunt Bev wrote:

    What great experiences you are having!! Did you bring American junk food to Hamburg, or was it already there? Were the burgers and s’mores for your benefit? Where’s the bratwurst?

  2. carol wrote:

    Wow! Look at the size of that smore!

  3. Linda wrote:

    Hi Sweetie looks yummy. The smore would have exploded my tastebuds! Lots of sun and wind today in ND. Love you. Thinking of you!