Miniatur Wunderland

One of the largest model train permanent exhibits in the world, Miniatur Wunderland is an incredible site. Sofia, Ken and I decided it was just dorky enough to be totally worth going to see. So off we went again to see Wunderland – 1:87 scale models of the US, Germany, the Austrian Alps,  Scandinavia, Switzerland and more…

Miniatur Wunderland is in a beautiful nondescript building in Hafen City on the second floor of a long walk up! We arrived to an anticlimactic entryway and questioned ourselves whether or not we actually wanted to stay. But after only a 15 minute wait and free water, which is rare to improbable in Germany, we were in for a treat:

The models made for a wonderful “Where’s Waldo” experience, except we were looking for more ridiculous and hysterical things such as an alien ship, awakening zombies, and some inappropriate scenes as well! Sofia, Ken and I all found different oddities amongst the models, which were so precisely done that they even painted details on the miniature cakes being eaten and stripes on their tiny shirts! At the end of the exhibit there were  small model replications describing the evolution of a German city throughout the ages, going from Medieval Times through WWII. In short, it was totally awesome!

PS: Sofia spotted these two getting naughty in the bushes! Notice the child running off with their clothing!

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  1. carol wrote:

    How, why, who put this together? Who had the patience for it?