Schlagermove 2012

Imagine five hundred thousand drunk Germans dressed as characters from “That 70s Show” running around in the rain and singing along to 60s and 70s German pop music (envision the German equivalent to “Love Shack” ) from noon to sundown. That was the experience Ken, Aja and I had at Hamburg’s annual Schlagermove. Germans listen to Schlager like Frat boys listen to Journey – that’s the best analogy I’ve got!

The Schlager parade – which was essentially 50 semi-trucks topped with porta-potties and drunk people blasting Schlager music – went all the way from Landungsbrücken, past the Fischmarkt, up into St. Pauli and into lower Sternschanze…aka it was HUGE, and seemed to go on forever. As we walked along with the parade, we were constantly dodging broken beer bottles, public-pee-ers, and dancing drunks.

I’ve never seen this type of public drunkenness, rowdiness or ridiculousness in my life. It made Las Vegas look like Pleasantville! When I mentioned to people the following day that I went to Schlager move, most were shocked and horrified. I guess it’s a once in a lifetime type of experience! Though, I might go back next year. Ken on the other hand, has seen and heard enough Schlager for the rest of his life!

PS: This one is my favorite Schlager Song…

If you want to get a better look take a peak at these examples that I filched from the internet: