Timmendorfer Strand

Every year, Ken’s company has a fall retreat with CFEL – his division at DESY – to connect with all employees and update everyone on all the different teams’ accomplishments and research. Every year Ken invites me. Every year I decline – I’m either working or it’s on a national holiday. This year however, I went – I’m no longer working, and therefore have no excuses to say “no.” And, being almost 9 months pregnant, the last thing I wanted was to be at home alone for three days.

postersessionCFEL Poster session – when the scientists get to mingle about their most recent projects


So off we went on a 1 1/2 hr journey north to the Nord See (the Baltic Sea) to a small seaside community called Timmendorfer Strand (“Strand” means beach in German.)



We got SO incredibly lucky with the weather – sunny, breezy and in the 60s (16-18C). Our little hotel was directly across from the conference hotel, which was also the largest hotel in Timmendorfer Strand, the Maritim. Our little hotel, the Meridien, was cute and quaint and had a tiny 15 meter pool that I got to splash around in.

The town had a long pedestrian path with high-end shops being scouted by fur-coated old ladies and women pushing expensive baby carriages with Louis Vuitton diaper bags. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun people watching while reading my book in the sun.


On his afternoon off, we strolled the lovely long boardwalk/beach walk that spanned the length of Timmendorfer Strand. We walked along the beach with the sun on our shoulders, poking the dead jellyfish stranded on the sand and got a chance to chat and just be together. We returned for our giant group dinner by walking back along the dunes and oceanfront trees.



A lot of Ken’s colleagues spent the afternoon off playing soccer on the beach, or swimming in the 50m salt water pool. I got a chance to just relax and be with friends. It was a nice quick vacation from Hamburg, and a nice mental break from the everyday stay at home pregnant routine I now have. It’s also nice to know that s tranquil little beach vacation is so close by. We will have to go back when the little one arrives!


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  1. cindy wrote:

    You two look wonderful! many hugs to you both!