We’re Tourists in Brooklyn!

While I spend yet another day sick in Germany, I figured it might be time to update some of our 2013 adventures…since 2013 is already half over!!

2013 started as a whirlwind. Hamburg was freezing, Ken was traveling a lot for work, and the darkness, rain and cold never seemed to end. And so, finally after three hard months of working, sleeping and braving the weather, we were able to get away from Hamburg. This time it was Destination: New York! Yay.

Once we touched down at JFK, I realized the last time I had been to New York was in November 2011, when Ken and I were packing up my childhood home. Needless to say, this trip was a long awaited respite, and I was more than happy for every moment I had to see friends and family. We arrived just in time to celebrate Passover, and were able to spend the rest of our visit enjoying my parents new haunt in Brooklyn.

As a Long Islander, I’ve always been a bit of a tourist in the City. Manhattan had always been enough to keep me oo-ing and ah-ing and the last time I had really been in New York, Williamsburg was just starting to become a hipster haven – Brooklyn hadn’t been born yet. Now, almost seven years later, it seems that Brooklyn has come into it’s own. Don’t get me wrong, Ken and I were still into bopping around Manhattan. Who can go to New York without making pit stops to Broadway, Strand bookstores, Chelsea Market, the Highline, Anthropologie and Forever 21! We saw Book of Mormon (totally inappropriate and wonderful), did some midnight shopping in Times Square, and grabbed Spanish tapas to prepare for an upcoming trip to Spain. But where my parents now live by Prospect Park and my sisters neighborhood of Carroll Gardens are both absolutely lovely.

See you later Brooklyn and NY…thanks for having us…as tourists!!!